Sunday, November 30, 2008

Flash (In the Pan?) Fiction

So, the game is afoot. Two more kick-ass online noir outlets have published flash fiction pieces of mine: Pulp Pusher and Plots With Guns. This nearly rounds out the linked flash fiction cycle I concocted. These editors have been so gracious in accepting my stories, I still can't believe my secret plan to publish these stories in tandem worked. Well, nearly worked, since there is still one installment outstanding. I'll let you know.

The stories are rather loosely linked. You don't have to read them in chronological order. Well, you don't have to read them at all. I didn't even tell the various editors they were related. And now they're each going to send somebody to break my fingers for not telling them. That's how these noir guys operate.

If you like order, here it is:

"Bronze Horsemen" in Plots With Guns.
"Homecoming" in Pulp Pusher.
"Razor" in Thuglit (here you have to open "Thuglit Issue 28 and then my story in PDF).

While you're at it, check out some of the other killer stories they've got in these issues. Especially "Big in Japan" by my GSU pal Chris Bundy. That one's in the same issue of Thuglit above. Also check out "Guts" (Thuglit #9) and "Pay to Pray" (Thuglit #26) by my buddy Keith Gilman, whose first novel Father's Day comes out from St. Martin's Minotaur in Spring 09. More on Keith another day.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Man, I'm a bad blogger. But I can blame trying to finish novel two, which looks like it officially has a name, though I'm not sure I can reveal it yet. Maybe in the next couple months.

Till then, how about a short story? I just had one published in this month's issue of Thuglit. It's called "Razor," not to be confused with "Reznor" of Nine Inch Nails fame, though I am an undying fan. Perhaps one of the more brutally noir-ish pieces I've yet written. More stories to follow shortly from the likes of Plots with Guns and Pulp Pusher. Once they're all published, my master plan will be complete...