Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Morning Reading

For your reading pleasure, here's a little profile of yours truly by Ben Steelman of the Wilmington Star News, published today. Wilmington, NC--or more specifically, UNC-Wilmington, is where I got my MFA in Creative Writing. The program was fantastic when I was there, and it has grown tremendously in size, prestige and opportunity since then.

For your listening pleasure, jump on over to Besnyo's MySpace page and listen to a few tracks from their album forthcoming on April 25th. Besnyo is a post-punk/electronic/experimental band out of Buffalo NY, a group of young guys trying to make a name for themselves in the ever-evolving music industry. Their first album was a treat, but this one shows some incredible technical and songwriting progress. Check out "Olympic" in particular, and "Promises" also in particular. Then show 'em some love and tell 'em I sent you.

Oh, it also just so happens that my little brother Steve is a guitarist/keyboardist for the band.

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Greg said...

"A few readers, finishing the grim saga, have wondered out loud what kind of tortured soul Nikitas might be." -- That's the funny thing about writing noir; readers, and sometimes your friends who finally pick up one of your stories, think you just might be cuckoo.